News Ticker: News am 14.12.2017

Newsticker: Nachrichten am 14.12.2017

News am 14.12.2017 NIKI bankruptcy: Grounding out 14.12.2017 – Liquidator Farkas tried emergency sales and reports “almost all passengers be compensated or reposted” – Airlines organize special actions for repatriation by NIKI customers… Airport Santa Cruz de La Palma: positive development is endangered by NIKI bankruptcy……

Airberlin takeover negotiations: first results

Airberlin-Übernahmeverhandlungen: erste Ergebnisse

Airberlin takeover negotiations – first results on 29.9.2017 Lufthansa and EasyJet provisionally only negotiating partner - long haul will be shut down stroking in Europe on Monday, 25. September 2017, there first official pronouncements in looking at the bids to acquire of the insolvent airberlin.…

La Palma airline news am 25.5.2017

La Palma Airline-Nachrichten am 25.5.2017

La Palma airline ticker am 25.5.2017 News from airlines with Isla Bonita connection of the airline ticker in the La Palma 24 journal includes current information about flying on the Isla Bonita and the airlines press releases, the Santa Cruz de La Palma (SPC) control. Beyond…

La Palma airline news am 22.2.2017

La Palma Airline-Nachrichten am 22.2.2017

La Palma airline ticker am 22.2.2017 It is news of the airlines with Isla Bonita-connection again: In looking at the airlines, the Santa Cruz de La Palma (SPC) control, have collected some information and press releases. As always we handle…

Ver.di strike – Berlin flight after SPC affected

Ver.di streikt – Berlin-Flug nach SPC betroffen

Ver.di strike – Airberlin flight de la Palma-affected Berlin machine to Santa Cruz is started today, Wednesday, 8. February 2017, has called for warning the Bodendienstleister the Trade Union Ver.di. Affected airports are Berlin-Tegel, Hamburg and Stuttgart. Coming from Hamburg and Stuttgart…

La Palma airline news am 10.11.2016

La Palma Airline-Nachrichten am 10.11.2016

La Palma airline ticker am 10.11.2016 News of the airlines with the airline ticker Isla Bonita connection informs about current actions and developments of the airlines, the Santa Cruz de La Palma (SPC) control. In addition, our readers will find the winter flight schedule 2016/17 in the La Palma 24-journal. …

La Palma airline news am 7.9.2016

La Palma Airline-Nachrichten am 7.9.2016

News of the airlines with Santa Cruz de La Palma connection Binter: cheap flights with the Bintazo… Iberia Express: Club Express onboard… Canaryfly: Discounts for young and old... Condor: Jubilee film on the Internet and more... Airberlin: Fuel Info… Transavia: Snapchat introduced… Easy Jet:…

La Palma airline ticker am 20.6.2016

La Palma Airline-Ticker am 20.6.2016

News from the Santa Cruz de La Palma connection Vueling Airlines: new offices in the Canary Islands… Iberia Express: Online price… Canaryfly: New flyer… Airberlin: Flight Zürich – Summer offer for families – Football-EM service – Progressive Web app – Condor: ground-breaking Jump4DutyFree idea – Airbus cockpit…

La Palma: Flights summer 2016

La Palma: Flüge Sommer 2016

From Germany, Holland, England, Belgium and Spain to Santa Cruz de La Palma (SPC): Airlines in the summer 2016 -Views of the winter 2016/17 The summer timetable 2016 for Santa Cruz de La Palma (SPC) showing rants for the fans…

La Palma: Airline ticker am 11.2.2016

La Palma: Airline-Ticker am 11.2.2016

News from the Santa Cruz de La Palma connection Condor airlines: 60. Anniversary & new blog… Airberlin: Easter flights & Load increase… Iberia Express: Winter discounts & good numbers… Transavia: new logo… Island Hopper: Binter-apps & Canaryfly Info… Travel with kids: Award-winning Advisor also 2016…

Airline ticker am 16.12.2015

Airline-Ticker am 16.12.2015

News of the airlines with Santa Cruz de La Palma connection Atmosfair: Airlines & Air efficiency… BDL: 4-L-air campaign… Airports in Germany: Park packages… Iberia-express and Vueling: cheap according to SPC via Madrid and Barcelona… Canaryfly: Cooperation with event agency… Condor: See you fly – Hello new…

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