Island festivals

Holidays 2018: Canary Islands - La Palma

Feiertage 2018: Kanaren – La Palma

Holidays 2018: Canaries & La Palma – Great feasts on the Isla Bonita at the movable holidays is what's going on! In Spain, there are national, regional and local public holidays, of which set some every year new. And so it is for tourists and even…

Fancy figures of the island fiestas

Ausgefallene Figuren der Inselfiestas

Outlandish figures make the island festivals dwarfs as unique – Devil and crazy horses: Here La Palma-fans will know with fancy gefestet the witty and colorful characters of island festivals. For everybody else, we even briefly introduce the craziest and most famous figures. La…

New year's Eve traditions on La Palma

Silvesterbräuche auf La Palma

The new year's Eve night on La Palma: Crazy customs and Cork if the new year is ushered in on La Palma, all have the neck fully. The fruity constipation of drink muscle with the aim of wish-fulfillment is only one of three crazy new year's Eve customs…

La Palma cross Festival 2015 and Mayos

La Palma Kreuzfeste 2015 und Mayos

La Palma cross Festival 2015 and Mayos cross decorations - may dolls - processions - music – Entertainment and walking each 3. May La Palma capital Santa Cruz its founding day celebrates, the is 2015 to 522. Time marks. Because this anno 1493…


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