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Long-term holiday in La Palma and the question, what would be, if ... Part 1

16. November 2019 Daniela Flemming 4 Comments / comment now!

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finally pensioners, finally time! At last opportunity, to meet me an old dream. The dream of a long-term vacation or away for the winter on a small, climate-kissed island. Sit in the sun, Watch the sea and the sky, sit and watch the passing tourist with a Cortado at the Plaza, they smile, 'cause you still can stick around for a while ... .so it should be, now, that I finally have time.

Or something else happens. pain that my bones, At home, in the cold winter-Germany, and my doctor recommended me warmer climes. I advised, stop me for long periods in an area, the sun me, warmth, Light and colors gives, because these are good not only for the blow bone, but would do well to the soul.

And when I think about, where I would like to spend the winter, and really only La Palma comes into question, although I can not spanish, although I do not know, what am I doing, if…., in particular, when it comes to my health, then there are a solution for everything.

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"The" German is known to have a very high need for security. Why "of the" German love for all occasions Insurance closes.

Or, should that, as the example of Heaven, the one could plunge in Asterix`schen meaning literally turned upside down, not possible, he still wants to know, which in the case of all other cases, even them, affecting their personal health, to do in La Palma.

So what to do, if, for example, aborts the hearty bite into breakfast rolls a piece of my already shaky front tooth? Or just overtaken me at the moment a lumbago, if I want peppy get out of the car and now I can no longer touch me? Or, catastrophe, my entire vacation pill stock at home on the kitchen table lies instead in the trunk? And I now, arrived at La Palma and not a word of Spanish speaking, stand there without lebenserleichternde drugs? Let alone, if I get seriously ill? I will my weekly lymphatic drainage, physiotherapy, I need so desperately, can get more? How will all this be possible and, important aspect, what will it cost?

Zurich La Palma
Zurich La Palma

so if you, those regarding, To be on the safe side, closes off best home travel insurance, this is possible for almost all insurance and ADAC. The Overseas Travel Health insurers offer different packages with different benefits (and benefit exclusions) an, which is why a bid evaluation and a careful balancing of the, What I really need, always worth. In any case, the travel insurance will cover the cost of necessary medical outpatient or inpatient care, incurred in acute illness in the resort. Who wants to be sure, additionally concludes a Reiserückholversicherung, because the insurance companies do not come up for a return of their sick or unfortunate insurance member.

But so far it has not come so, a simple, but persistent cold, one would not stop cough, a diffuse stomach upset enough already from, the well-being and thus enjoy a break compromising sensitive.

We talked about it: It is also available La Palma a solution for everything. The overwintering or long stays, of the way through one of the local health centers do not go - here we refer to the published in La Palma24 Journal,

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very informative article in October 2016 https://www.la-palma24.info/krank-auf-la-palma-leitfaden/ -, because he does not speak the Spanish language, But who wants to express his suffering in his native language, because he can only express so, how it all started, where it hurts and how long, of the answers (diagnoses) and possible solutions but would necessarily understand, short and good, who wants to be easily understood around, can seek the established German doctors here. Addresses, Phone numbers and office hours can be found in friendly talks on the Plaza, by neighboring German residents or in the free ads in journals of the island.

© Pixabay

There, now you will be helped in an unusual way, because normally the established German doctor here, very different from German cities, significantly more time with patients, why he so practiced at La Palma and not in, let's say, Berlin. The bill for preliminary, examination, treatment, Regulation, etc.. However, you must, also unlike in Germany, paid immediately and on site, best bar, that is, They are going to pay in advance. This bill, however high it fails, take home with them and submit them to your German health insurance.

There, you will reimburse the expenses in the amount of German rate of doctors, which does ______________ mean, You get as much back, would like free treatment in Germany, and this is surprisingly little. but now miraculously accesses your travel insurance. This fact takes on the difference between health insurance reimbursement and the cost, you have provided on site. Additional services such as acupuncture or Hyaluronspritzen are, as well as in Germany, non-refundable.

Unfortunately,, and that is the shadow side of this so practical arrangements, this applies only for acute diseases such as cystitis, you have suffered bathing in the cold Atlantic Ocean, or for tooth filling, that has failed you here, or or for minor accidents. injury, which are treated by the practitioner.

For acute severe disease or in emergency even accidents, please refer to the comprehensive information which appeared in La Plama24 Journal Article https://www.la-palma24.info/kanaren-notruf-112/ from 10.09.2015 and https://www.la-palma24.info/la-palma-teneriffa-im-krankheitsfall/ from 07. June 2018.

Read the second part.

Rolf Benker La Palma
Rolf Benker La Palma

Yoga Center La Palma
Holiday home La Palma

Still La Abuela
Still La Abuela

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Ya Ya Baumaterial

By Daniela Flemming

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4 Answers to “Long-term holiday in La Palma and the question, what would be, if ... Part 1”

  1. Robert Wolf says:

    Dear Mrs. Flemming, Your guest post is well written in the form. But I want to give you a little hint, you may likely stimulate Nachhineinnachdenken. to be able in the short introductory talk about the anticipation retired on La Palma live. Unfortunately you bring your worries by Germany with beautiful on this island. I think, Happiness and health are not accompanied by a health comprehensive health insurance, but to understand the ability and work on yourself, to be free from worries and fears – especially in the age betagteren. Health does not come just from the doctors and from hospitals, but from the people themselves, understands it, to be free from worries and fears. Healing comes from within – of oneself – and not by others. Fears to stir up in other brings disease and other fears, which ultimately come back to us. If we stay positive, we go forward to a good future. Let's leave the advertising of any hedging for their local Vertetern. Since we know at least, that they advertise their own income. This leaves more time for ourselves – for example, to learn the Spanish language. In this sense, I wish with all my heart you all the best.

    • Olaf taschau says:

      Very nice replied Mr. Robert Wolf.
      would supplement yet,that learning the language is the most important order to integrate on this island.
      So investments in the island life are very desirable.
      you can sit in the sun in Germany…

    • Daniela Flemming says:

      Dear Mr. Wolf, Thanks for your comments. I can explain explanatory, I personally bring along not worry on the island, because I have been living for over 20 years here. No way I want to stoke fears, on the contrary, my article is intended more as an encouragement. Specifically for people, the just want to stay a few weeks only in winter and not half a lifetime, What, I think so, is herauszulesen of text and headline. And it is supposed to give people quite, the superior already home, what would be, if I get sick, etc.. would. Exactly for these cases, the article aims to offer practical solutions, no deterrent. Thank you, that you wish me all the best. I wish you the same. Best regards, Daniela Flemming

  2. Andreas From Mater says:

    Most international health insurance are valid only for a maximum of 30 Days abroad on a piece. This most policyholders do not know, is important to know.

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