News Ticker: News am 30.5.2018

Newsticker: Nachrichten am 30.5.2018

La Palma news am 30.5.2018 The Green parrots ausgebüxten are back in the cage: The Cabildo ended around three-year capture action of the collar parakeets. We also have news of a big price, the La Palma in mind on ASTRO tourism got, and from one…

News Ticker: La Palma news am 15.11.2017

Newsticker: La Palma Nachrichten am 15.11.2017

La Palma news am 15.11.2017 Canaries: Design for new animal protection law on the way… Airport Santa Cruz de La Palma: Continue rising… Holiday accommodation on La Palma: in the winter 2017/18 always scarce... Elephant wedding at sea: Armas acquires Trasmediterránea… IAC: new Administration Web site……

Whales and Dolphins: Messages in the autumn 2017

Wale und Delfine: Nachrichten im Herbst 2017

Whales and Dolphins: Messages in the autumn 2017 Hazards in the oceans and the developments in the fight against the whaling which draw whales again on La Palma passing - on last weekend of the marine mammals in their migration to the West of the island were five…

Dog rules in cities and beaches on La Palma

Hunderegeln in Städten und Stränden auf La Palma

Dogs on La Palma: City and beach rules Los Llanos laments negligent dog owners - Santa Cruz pet beach is a dog day afternoon on La Palma – all groaning under the heat and escapes, If BB´s is, on the beach. However, one may not necessarily his fur nose…

News Ticker: La Palma news am 24.10.2016

Newsticker: La Palma Nachrichten am 24.10.2016

La Palma news am 24.10.2016 World record attempt succeeded: Garafíanos are in the Guinness book… Weather: Low over La Palma - alarm yellow for heavy rain and high waves!… Flight Info: La Palma flights 2017 already booked… Primra air: First plane landed… Binter: again a bargain Bintazo!… 30-Meter tele: Decision…

Whales and Dolphins: latest news and developments

Wale und Delfine: aktuelle Infos und Entwicklungen

Whales and dolphins of the Canary Islands and around the world: Meeting of the International Whaling Commission by the 20. to 28. October 2016 You can see whale watching - plastic waste - protection zones - whale meat trade - taiji abomination whales and dolphins off the coast of La Palma…

Dog rules on the beaches

Hunderegeln an den Stränden

Dog rules on the beaches of La Palma: Linen's and total prohibitions - exception: Dog zone Playa de los Guirres Los Llanos recently rewritten its regulation for pet owners and buses between 30 and 15.000 Euro for the non-observance of the rules laid down. It contain…

Pastor Garafíano – a mad dog

Der Pastor Garafíano – ein toller Hund

A dog made in La Palma: Pastor Garafíano “goes with you through thick and thin” Known: Bananen aus La Palma. Also known: Salt "hecho en la Palma”. Less well known: Ein Hund "made in La Palma". The "Perro Pastor Garafíano" -.…

La Palma: Hostel for stray animals

La Palma: Herberge für streunende Tiere

La Palma: Island Government is a roof over the head for outlaws on four paws La Palma-new island government public shelter shows a heart for animals. Recently there was a 14,000 euro cheque for the ANDA-BIANPA Association, care of stray dogs and cats.…


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