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News Ticker: La Palma news am 20.4.2018

Newsticker: La Palma Nachrichten am 20.4.2018

La Palma news am 20.4.2018 The Astro-tourism on La Palma has a great potential. We report today, and also about the Transvulcania, that was raised in the Olympus of the skyrunning events, cheap Binter flights and over three airlines, the the…

News Ticker: News am 11.4.2018

Newsticker: Nachrichten am 11.4.2018

La Palma news am 11.4.2018 Today, there is good news from the spring weather, from the airport and a new round in the Canary flight Development Fund. Further, budgets have been adopted, There is news from the front of the waste, the Reventón trail has winner, and received the Transvulcania…

Valle de Aridane: Asphalt plant fight against the second

Aridanetal: Anti-Asphaltwerk-Kampf die Zweite

Asphalt plant movement in the Valle de Aridane formed 2018 exists on the new operating licence for new plant: Civic Platform makes pressure – Revision procedure in October 2012 There was great joy at the civic platform against asphalt plants in the Valle de Aridane Plataforma en contra la Instalación de Plantas de Asfalto…

News Ticker: La Palma news am 4.4.2018

Newsticker: La Palma Nachrichten am 4.4.2018

La Palma news am 4.4.2018 Two warnings: Helis do La Palma today night, and the national weather service are yellow for high surf alert! We further inform Eurowings flights in the winter 2018/19 and about the money of the Canary Islands, the in…

News Ticker: News am 26.3.2018

Newsticker: Nachrichten am 26.3.2018

La Palma news am 26.3.2018 Today we inform you about numbers from the hotel- and area of vacation rentals on the Canary Islands. Also it gave the green light for the construction of the caravan-course in La Laguna in the northern part of the island, for a further star on…

News Ticker: News am 22.3.2018

Newsticker: Nachrichten am 22.3.2018

La Palma news am 22.3.2018 Long-lasting power failure on Tuesday: The palmerische its umbrella association is angry. There's also news of a visit by representatives of the TMT Consortium on the Roque de Los Muchachos, by the continuing construction of the Parque cultural Islas Canarias in Los…

News Ticker: News am 20.3.2018

Newsticker: Nachrichten am 20.3.2018

La Palma news am 20.3.2018 Updates this week: The weirdest run on the island will start on Saturday in Los Llanos, the AEMET warns of wind and wave, Bargain tickets are available at Binter, and Air Europe flies on Sunday for the first time la…

News Ticker: News am 16.3.2018

Newsticker: Nachrichten am 16.3.2018

La Palma news am 16.3.2018 Easter is coming: The procession program in Santa Cruz is here! Further, we report on the consequences of racist remarks on the plane, on the budget 2018 Los Llanos, about FDCAN money, that start to flow now and over…

News Ticker: News am 14.3.2018

Newsticker: Nachrichten am 14.3.2018

La Palma news am 14.3.2018 Stephen Hawking died yesterday – La Palma had the great astrophysicist the first star of the scientific awarded walk of Fame of the island. More news: The Guardia Civil screwed up the tour the avocado thieves on the island increasingly. In addition…

News Ticker: News am 6.3.2018

Newsticker: Nachrichten am 6.3.2018

La Palma news am 6.3.2018 Today we in the NewsTicker to free parking in Santa Cruz, to start the rehabilitation of the LP-4 on the Roque, to the first Gemeinschaftskompostieranlage in Santa Cruz, a volcano project of the University of La Laguna and…

News Ticker: News am 2.3.2018

Newsticker: Nachrichten am 2.3.2018

La Palma news am 2.3.2018 Deep Emma ensures high water levels in the reservoirs on La Palma. On Friday afternoon the AEMET exclaims again yellow for heavy rains all over the island alarm. We also report the other weather forecast…

News Ticker: News am 28.2.2018

Newsticker: Nachrichten am 28.2.2018

Thursday, 1. March 2018: Airport SPC operation! We will report further on the LST prototype on La Palma, about palmerische retired, which join the nationwide protest marches and the climate in the Canary Islands. In addition, BB´s are a few colorful messages-…

News Ticker: News am 26.2.2018

Newsticker: Nachrichten am 26.2.2018

La Palma news am 26.2.2018 We report today on Canary bees and on the balance sheet of heavy rain from Sunday. More news: Hotel Sol in Puerto Naos remains now in the summer 2018 but open, Tazacorte allows caravan tourism in the port, and…

News Ticker: News am 22.2.2018

Newsticker: Nachrichten am 22.2.2018

La Palma news am 22.2.2018 Heavy rains on Friday and snow on the Roque: Both entrances are blocked! Except about the weather, we will inform about the plan B for the thirty meter telescope (TMT) auf La Palma, of the first steps in the direction of…

News Ticker: News am 13.2.2018

Newsticker: Nachrichten am 13.2.2018

La Palma news am 13.2.2018 While the Carnival in full swing turned, rumorte it again under the Cumbre. In addition, there is good news from the Germania, in the winter 2018/19 for the first time Berlin-La Palma has in the program. The balance of the airport SPC…

News Ticker: News am 9.2.2018

Newsticker: Nachrichten am 9.2.2018

La Palma news am 9.2.2018 The Carnival has now firmly grip the Isla Bonita: Events at the weekend and program of the Día de Los Indianos in German. Further, we will inform about the weather: On the Roque de Los Muchachos prevail even…

News Ticker: News am 7.2.2018

Newsticker: Nachrichten am 7.2.2018

La Palma news am 7.2.2018 The weather keeps us busy today again: The AEMET with yellow and orange warns of wind, Wave and snow. In addition, we have good news from Germania: Flights Bremen-La Palma in winter 2018/19 are now available! And…


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